What Is GrimChart?

It's a flowchart-based probability calculation tool. I found that MathHammer and BattleScribe's dice tools are both excellent for everyday rolls, but neither cater for conditionals. What if your spell does varying amounts of damage depending on the roll? Then it becomes trickier to calculate the average damage.

This is where GrimChart (a poor half-rhyme pun) comes in. The flowchart nature makes it very intuitive to lay out the structure of the roll based on conditional IF statements. To the programmers among you this should seem a natural expression of the roll, and to everyone else I hope that it becomes clear quite quickly while using it.

Press the button below to load up the application, and press "h" when in there to toggle the help menu, or read the wiki on GitHub.

Load GrimChart

How It Works

All of this is on GitHub, as is the code. It's written in Javascript using the P5JS graphical library. Are there better ways to do it? Yes. Have I done it those ways? No.

If you would like to submit an issue on GitHub for a bug report or feature request, please do. Pull Requests for features may be considered too.

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